What I Wish Scientists Knew About Science Communication

Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience)


Freediving - The Aquatic Human

Dr. Anthony Bain, U Windsor, Canada
Alex Patrician, U British Columbia - Okanagan, Canada


Dr. Gabrielle Giersch, USARIEM, USA
Dr. Tori Stone, Yale U, USA


Dr. Bergita Ganse, Manchester Metropolitan U, UK
Dr. Julia Attias, King's College London, UK


Dr. Olivier Girard, U Western Australia
Dr. Brendan Scott, Murdoch U, Australia


Heat Preparation for Tokyo & Major Games

Dr. Sebastien Racinais, Aspetar, Qatar
Dr. Doug Casa, Korey Stringer Institute, USA
Dr. Yuri Hosokawa, Waseda U, Japan


Carbohydrates Utilization at Altitude

Dr. Claire Berryman, Florida State U, USA
Dr. John O'Hara, Leeds Beckett U, UK
Dr. Lee Margolis, USARIEM, USA


Dr. Oli Gibson, Brunel U, UK
Dr. Becky Rendell, U Bournemouth, UK
Dr. Alex Sotiridis, U Athens, Greece


Team Sports Precooling & Cognition in the Heat

Dr. Rob Duffield (U Technology Sydney, Australia): Precooling for team sports

Dr. Grant Landers (U Western Australia): Cognition in the Heat


Muscle adaptation & nitric oxide physiology at altitude

Dr. Louise Deldicque (UC Louvain, Belgium): Acute & chronic muscle response to hypoxia.

Dr. Simone Porcelli (U Pavia, Italy): Nitric oxide roles on hypoxia adaptation.

Dr. Letizia Rasica (U Calgary, Canada): Nitric oxide & exercise capacity in hypoxia.


Muscle Metabolism in the Cold & Channel Swimming, June 4, 2020

Dr. Dominique Gagnon (Laurentian U, Canada): Muscle metabolism during exercise in the cold.

Dr. Heather Massey (U Portsmouth, UK): Channel Swimming - From England to France the Hard Way! 


Environmental Preparations for a Worlds Podium Performance, May 28, 2020

Dr. Trent Stellingwerff PhD (Canadian Sports Institute - Pacific, Canada)
Evan Dunfee (Rio 2016 4th & World 2019 3rd, 50 km Race Walk)


Pollution Physiology & Exercise, May 21, 2020

Dr. Michael Koehle (U British Columbia, Canada): Air pollution and exercise

Dr. Pascal Imbeault (U Ottawa, Canada): Persistent organic pollutants


Firefighting Physiology. May 14, 2020

Dr. Anthony Walker (Optimized Human Performance): An overview of firefighting physiology

Dr. Emily Watkins (U Roehampton): Fire instructor & female firefighting physiology


Thermal Sensation & Integration. May 7, 2020

Dr. Nicholas Ravanelli (U Montréal) Biophysical & Physiological Factors Influencing Sweating

Dr. Zac Schlader (Indiana U) Behavioral Control of Thermoregulation

Dr. Davide Filingeri (Loughborough U) Human Wetness Sensation 


Heat Therapy. April 30, 2020

Mr. Greg McKie (U Guelph) Mice Housing Temperature & Exercise Adaptations

Dr. Vienna Brunt (U Colorado Boulder) Heat Therapy for Vascular Health

Dr. Sébastien Racinais (Aspetar) Heat Therapy for Muscle Rehab


Heat Adaptation: From Lab to Sahara. April 23, 2020

Dr. Chris Tyler (U Roehampton) Heat Adaptation in the Lab

Dr. Jodie Moss (U Roehampton) Heat Adaptation for the Marathon des Sables


Research in Isolation. April 16, 2020 (Click links below for learning guides)

Dr. Shawnda Morrison (U Ljubljana): Bedrest Research

Dr. Mike Tymko (U Alberta): High-altitude Research

Dr. Mark Hines (Professional Adventurer): Ultra Endurance Isolation

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